An Invitation to the Mallory Family Reunion!

You Are Invited!


The Mallorys, Bacons, O’Flahertys, etc.

Family Reunion.

June 20, from 10:30 a.m. to ?????

The Lake.

A favorite dish, plus $25.00 per couple, $7.50 per child, to help defray the cost of renting The Northwest Quadrant of the Winnehaha Pavilion.

Sally Millhouse, (712) 555-1234

We’ll be sitting for family portraits!


Follow Samantha as she prepares for the family reunion. As she hunts for artifacts for the family display, she finds this old letter:

Oct. 29, 1959 (I am sorry this is late)

Dear Auntie,

Thank you for the $10 for my birthday. I will buy a pretty red pink blue dress you will like (I hope). I am skinney now, dr. Noonan put me on a strick diet (ugh!). Lettuce, cellery and cottage cheese.


Mrs. Niles died last month, Nana says she wieghed over 500 lbs, I would DIE if I weighed over 500 lbs. I am in the St. Bonyfi Boniface chior now, we sang at Mrs. Niles funneral.

L♥ve Sammy

PS: Nana says Mrs. Niles was buried in a piano crate!

(Samantha Anne Mallory, age 9)

C'mon in!

This is a must-attend event!

A command performance!

The family awaits you!

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Part I: Journeys (Chapter 19)


The house is dark and cold. Where’s Nana? She’s got to be somewhere here, don’t she?

I walked home from school ALL BY MYSELF!!! I’m five years old, a BIG girl. I crossed West 7th Street and Otoe, too. Well, the crossing guard stopped the cars, but I wasn’t afraid, so there.

I want some cookies. Where are you, Nana?

It was my turn to be princess today. I got to wear the princess dress. Ronnie O’Hara got to wear the cowboy costume. He’s mean. Kept shooting me with his gun.

Bang! Bang! He said I’d be dead if I didn’t leave him alone. I didn’t do nothin’ to him. I just wanted to play house.


Miss Pritchard wouldn’t let me out to play, ‘cuz she said the dress might get dirty. Said I had to sit at my desk and fold my hands like a good girl. I couldn’t even color. But Ronnie got to go out. I told Miss Pritchard I wanted to wear the cowboy suit tomorrow.

She said girls don’t wear cowboy suits.

I don’t want to be the princess no more.


So I takes that stupid ‘ole dress off. I throws it away, and put my own clothes back on. Then I goes outside.

“Where’s that pretty dress?” Miss Pritchard asked.

“I threw it away! It’s ugly!”

She made me go back inside and hang it up. Then I had to stand in the corner ALL DAY.

Nana??? Nana??? Nana???

I hate kindergarten. I don’t never wanna go back.

Nana? Where are you? NANA!


“What’s the matter, Samantha?” Nana whispers. “I’m right here.”

“Please don’t go away!”

“We’re going to California tomorrow.”


“Your mama wants you.”

“You’re my mama.”

“No, honey. I’m your Nana. Your mama lives in California with your new daddy.”

“You’re my mama.”

“You’re going to live with her and your new daddy.”

“Pappa’s my daddy.”

“Your new daddy is Dean Platts.”

“Pappa’s my daddy.”

“And your mama’s going to have a baby. You’re going to have a baby brother or sister.”

“You’re my mama.”

“You don’t have to go back to kindergarten.”

“Where’s California?”

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