An Invitation to the Mallory Family Reunion!

You Are Invited!


The Mallorys, Bacons, O’Flahertys, etc.

Family Reunion.

June 20, from 10:30 a.m. to ?????

The Lake.

A favorite dish, plus $25.00 per couple, $7.50 per child, to help defray the cost of renting The Northwest Quadrant of the Winnehaha Pavilion.

Sally Millhouse, (712) 555-1234

We’ll be sitting for family portraits!


Follow Samantha as she prepares for the family reunion. As she hunts for artifacts for the family display, she finds this old letter:

Oct. 29, 1959 (I am sorry this is late)

Dear Auntie,

Thank you for the $10 for my birthday. I will buy a pretty red pink blue dress you will like (I hope). I am skinney now, dr. Noonan put me on a strick diet (ugh!). Lettuce, cellery and cottage cheese.


Mrs. Niles died last month, Nana says she wieghed over 500 lbs, I would DIE if I weighed over 500 lbs. I am in the St. Bonyfi Boniface chior now, we sang at Mrs. Niles funneral.

L♥ve Sammy

PS: Nana says Mrs. Niles was buried in a piano crate!

(Samantha Anne Mallory, age 9)

C'mon in!

This is a must-attend event!

A command performance!

The family awaits you!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Part I: Journeys (Chapter 21)


We just thought it was for the best, Sammy. Pappa and me were 61 years old, what were we going to do with a two-year-old? We were tired, honey, signing papers for social security, and we wouldn’t make a whole lot on social security, don’t you know?

You’ve got to understand how it was then. Pappa and me just wanted some time together to do things, maybe travel some–though, as it turned out, your Pap didn’t like to travel anyway, but that’s beside the point.

We thought the aunt in Hot Springs would be a good mother to Ruby, she promised to be a good mother and raise the baby as a devout Catholic. She said Ruby’d be the daughter she never had.

In my wildest dreams, I never imagined it’d turn out the way it did. When Vivian Platts wrote and said “don’t come,” I just assumed she meant it’d be rough on the child, you know, figuring out her people. It’s not good to confuse kids about family matters. I never thought she was beating on the kid.

Sometimes I still wonder if Ruby’s not just imagining things a little.

Don’t think it was an easy decision for us. We talked about it for days on end.

If it’s any consolation, we almost took her, but when Dean told us about his sister, well, it changed things. Said she was divorced and couldn’t have kids and really wanted Ruby. It seemed selfish to deprive a woman of motherhood.

Don’t all women want kids, even you, Samantha?

We knew it’d be hard on you for a while, but I thought you’d get over it. I mean, you never really got to know her, did you?

Still, if I’da known...

But that’s all water under the bridge, isn’t it?

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